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It’s easy to look to things like glamorous gowns, charismatic personalities and fighter spirits as the reasons for our success. But these are just part of our story. The personality and language of our brand plays a major role too, and to get a grasp on why, it’s useful to look at our past. When we first started producing pageants in 2019, the world was changing rapidly with the soon to be advent of covid19 pandemic.  This new reality now galvanized us to become more innovative, more determined to change our business model in order to survive a potentially collapsing creative economy.  

Using the skills, we’d developed in our professional and personal lives; promoting Arts & Culture, Tourism, Beauty, Entrepreneurship and Education just to spotlight a few, we set out to inspire the public to journey us on our upward climb back to the glory days of beauty pageantry. We worked all night and prayed through the process. We came up with new cutting edge training material and beauty pageant services that would make the journey much more fun. We brought in happy people with lively personalities to be the hands and heart of the Crowns and Sashes brand. And we didn’t care how far we had to go to earn a place on the world stage again for our beloved country. We gave people a choice. A bright, fun, friendly, fabulous choice that made winning attainable for not only our delegates, but also for our team.

The internationally acclaimed award winning Pageant Training Academy & Production House (C&S), is an inclusive organization that celebrates men and women of all traditions, genders, cultures and backgrounds whilst empowering them to discover their distinctive beauty and celebrate their gifts through various artistic forms. In 2019, the newly formed Crowns and Sashes became the new National Franchise for the Miss Supranational Trinidad & Tobago Pageant. Registered as a Non-Profit Organization [2019] under the Companies Act of Trinidad & Tobago, C&S provides hundreds of aspiring young men and women who participate in our academy to affect positive change personally, professionally and philanthropically. Our vast team of industry experts share a combined vision to help nurture the creative economy which is deeply rooted in promoting the diversity of Our Culture, Our Heritage, Our People through:




Crowning the beauty of tomorrow’s world; Sashing it with confidence!

Our Crown Values




Executive Team

Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones
Executive Chairman & Director of Global Franchises
Ramon Alexis
Ramon Alexis
Director, Training & Development
Esther-Marie Jones
Esther-Marie Jones
Director, Events & Production
Jaime Bagoo
Director, Operations & Finance
Rondell Donawa
Rondell Donawa
Director, Legal Affairs